Organic Waste Collection

We started out as a worm business back in 2013. The main objective was to be able to dispose organic waste in the most eco-friendly way by feeding it to the composting worms (Red Wigglers).

Today, we have the right equipment to process organic waste, the finished product, and grateful customers that understand the incredible benefits for the environment overall. In 2020, we introduced another venue for our business : “Smiley Guys Green Waste Organic Collection Service“.

We already have a number of satisfying business customers in Brandon that include restaurants (Smitty’s), personal care homes (Sokol Manor/Westman Lions Manor), greenhouses (The Green Spot) and a publishing house (Webber Printing).

We provide green bins (240 L), you provide us with your organic waste (vegetable waste and paper) that is consumed by our “hungry composting worms“😊. It is a win-win situation. We come to your location once or twice per week, collect the bins filled with organic waste, leave the clean ones and repeat the process. This is that easy! We feed the worms and create vermicompost- you save the environment from harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

We have flexible price options. You may choose a flat rate of:

  • $360 +GST ($378) a month picked up twice a week (for up to 5 bins per week);
  • $260+GST ($273) a month picked up twice a week (for up to 3 bins per week);
  • $160+GST ($168) a month picked up once a week (for up to 2 bins per week).

You may also choose a flexible rate of:

  • $30 +GST (per bin picked up once a week, comes to $126 a month (GST included).

You may change your package anytime if you feel you want to use more or less bins. If the bin option is not something you might be interested in, you may put the waste on a pellet and we can come to collect it once or twice per month.

We will match or beat the service of the competition you are currently using, except, now you can do it locally! We can work with you on a contract basis or a verbal agreement because it works as strong as a solid handshake! Give us a call at 204-720-9073 or email at to start the organic waste collection from your location right away and discuss any further details.

You can also book us for a presentation about our company if there is some interest to learn more about us. Thank you for your time! We look forward to hearing from you very soon! Remember, a few businesses in Brandon have already started this program and the results are outstanding!

YOU can be NEXT!

**Please note that Smiley Worms / Smiley Guys Green Waste Organic Collection Service is a subsidiary company of Smiley Worms. All emails for both services may be sent to

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