Frequently Asked Questions about our products

You will get roughly 200-250 worms (1/4 lbs)

You will get roughly 400-500 worms (1/2 lbs)

You will get roughly 800-1000 worms (1 lbs)

You will get roughly 150-200 worms (1/4 lbs)

You will get roughly 300-400 worms (1/2 lbs)

You will get roughly 600-800 worms (1 lbs)

We usually ship worms from March to late October when the temperatures are still above 0. Some months the temperature will vary, so please contact us to receive more accurate information. Please note: we ship worms in cotton bags to allow more airflow during the shipping journey. If you order bait worms and need a Styrofoam container, please advise us.

Our green bins with garden soil are only for local delivery with Brandon area. Unfortunately, due to the weight (240 L), it would be extremely expensive to ship.

Worm castings are an organic fertilizer made by earthworms. Worm castings manure, also known as vermicompost, is simply earthworm excrement, often known as worm poo or worm poop. As composting worms (Red Wigglers) consume compost, their waste acts as an excellent soil enricher. We sell bags in 2 sizes: 11.3 kg or 25 lb and 4.5 kg or 10 lb. We can ship smaller bags, but if you would like larger quantity, please contact us to arrange other ways of transportation.

The ideal time to use worm castings is early spring as soon as the snow is gone. You need to repeat this process on a yearly basis. Use vegetable compost in the fall to fertilize your garden and get it ready for spring.

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