Worm Castings 25Lbs (Earth Saver)


Earth Saver 25Lbs Bag.

Worm castings. Ideal for large gardens, acreages, farms.

Buy 5 bags and get 10% off!

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Earth Saver 25Lbs bag

Worm castings-25 lbs bag (ideal for large gardens, acreages, farms).

-Worm castings are an organic fertilizer made by earthworms.

-Produced locally on our farm just outside of Brandon, MB.

-They contain no artificial hormones, no pesticides, no corrosive chemicals.

-Worm castings are 100% natural, environmentally friendly alternatives to chemical fertilizers.

-Our worm castings are CERTIFIED and approved by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).

-Worm castings can stay viable for up to 3 years or more if you do not store it under direct sunlight.

-Worm castings can be stored outdoors and hold up well to freezing.

A 25 lbs /11.3 kg bag will cover approximately 250 sq.f or 23.2 sq.m of planter’s space.

Castings should not exceed 20 % of the total volume.

Buy 5 bags and get 10% off!

Weight12 kg
Dimensions64 × 44 × 23 cm


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